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Ryan Staton: Endorsed Local Provider in Rockwell, Salisbury NC & Beyond


Dave Ramsey has been immersed in the business world for several decades. He has weathered the storm of immense debt and moved toward making shrewd money management decisions.  


In 1992, Dave started Ramsey Solutions to offer financial wisdom to folks everywhere. Over time, this has blossomed into a new group, Endorsed Local Providers. Dave saw an oppournity to generate a network of businesses who are in your area and adhere to high standards.


Ryan Staton of Specialized Insurance Group has maintained this prestigious designation for Property & Casualty Insurance since 2009.


Why Use an Independent Insurance Professional

Getting the right coverage and a competitve price can feel awfully difficult. With an Independent Insurance Agency, you have the dual benefit of having a local business provide you with advice about the areas they live in and serve; additionally, independent agencies are not beholden to one insurance carrier, they have many options to choose from. This allows them to provide you with tailored coverage for your needs at a price you can afford. Never settle one size fits all insurance